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Looking For Places to Buy CO2 Tanks

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I'm in OC, CA and I'm thinking of using CO2 in my 40 gallon tank soon. I was curious where I can get a nice but affordable set up. I thinking of getting a tank, the regulator, etc. How much am I looking at here?
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Hi snuffy,
I picked up a used tank, and regulator on Craig's List for about $90. Spent some of the money I saved on an excellent needle valve (Ideal).

A good price on tanks can be found at, they are located in San Diego so the freight shouldn't be too bad: A five pound (5#) tank should last you 4-6 months providing gas to both of your tanks.
Craigs List is a good place to start for the regulator or even post a wtb in the for sale or trade forum. Cameron Welding in Stanton sells tanks and refills them. I think that they said a 5lb tank would be $80. This is the only place in northern OC that I have found that refills CO2 tanks instead of swapping them out.

Cameron Welding
(714) 530-9353
11061 Dale Ave
Stanton, CA
Most of the welding places you will get it filled at operate on a cylinder exchange system. This is preferable IMHO because if you want to keep your tank and just have it filled, then you have to get it inspected/serviced every few years. If you use an exchange system, the company handles that themselves. So I suggest buying the cheapest one you can find regardless of appearance or condition and exchange it for a filled one. I would recommend Ebay. I found some 10lb ones for a good price. They have other sizes too. Some Home Depot stores carry welding gases and you can exchange there but they carry only 10 and 20lb canisters so won't accept 5lb ones. Most welding supply places offer the ability to trade up to larger sizes if you find a need for it.

definately check welding supply shops... national welders is a chain , they may be in your area and are easy to deal with
Thanks guys! I got a 10lb tank. I just need to look for some tubing for the beer regulator that came with it. Doesn't take standard air tubing =/
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