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Manwithnofish, I agree with you on lighting. I have a standard size 75 gallon, dose EI, pressurized CO2 with a DIY reactor. I use 2x54 T5HO. I think you should resume your CO2 and fert routine being sure that you have adequate CO2. A drop checker gets you in the ballpark but after that you have to watch your plants and fish. I'd guess it might not be as high as you think so try gradually increasing it. You might think about lowering your lighting period to 8 hours for now and increasing it as your plants fill in.

As far as the algae, clean out as much as you can and any plants that are affected you may want to replace. Then stay on top of it. Clean out any algae as soon as it appears and you might also think about 2 or 3 50% water changes per week until you get the algae under control. Concentrate on what the plants need and eventually you will get things under control. We've all been there and it takes patience.

Here's a good article on lighting levels I think you'll like and find useful.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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