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Well I should have most of my stuff here by the end of the week so looking for plants the following week around the 15th. Would need to be packaged well and/ or heat packs included as it is cold here. Here is what I need:

Manzanita- Small Nano sized pieces tank is AGA 5.5 16x8x10
Mini Pellia
Mini Java Fern
Utriclaria Graminifolia
Hydrocotyle Verticillata (sp?)
Anubias Petite
Fissidens Fontanus possibly.
Subwassertang also a possibility.

Other Nano sized plants also would be considered.

Looking for someone with most of these to save on added shipping costs I just went way over budget with GLA, Aquasoil, DrF&S, Pfertz, Lowes.

They need to go to 52404 Cedar Rapids, IA.

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