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Hanzo, Seems like your off to a good start:) I guess I will enter my opinion aswell. Hope you don't mind.

Arr. 2. The left most rock is definately the best looking piece and also that seems to be the most striking placement of it. I think I would start with that one and build from there. I would place it, using the golden rule, about 3/8 of the tank's length from the left side. Possible toward the front of hte tank to accentuate its size and make it seem taller. I would also try to place it on a mound of gravel to give it a bit more heigth.

Arr.3 The bigger rock in the back, on the right, seems to be placed well also. It seems like a good view point for that piece. I think I would place it to the right of the first rock I mentioned, slightly behind and possible buiried in the gravel a bit and also leaning to the left a bit. this will create some depth to the arrangement and make the first pece seem bigger and the second seem smaller. Buring some of it will also hide the very unnatural right angle it has on the bottom.

For the third main piece of the arrangement I think I would use one of the two left most rocks (the two leaning to the right) from arr. 3. I would place it in the back left corner of the tank but I do not know if I would wnat it leaning to the left or the right. You might have to play with that some. I think I would be most inclined to go with the smaller rock (the one on the block in the back of arr 3) to create a bit more depth to the whoel arrangement. Its shape color seem to match the other two pieces I mentioned, best.

However, I also like the way the middle rock of arr. 2 lays down. In second thought, it might look better as the third rock in the right corner. Keep it laying down and have it point from the back corner to the larger, foremost rock.

One last thing that I might try if it were me, is to keep the rock in the back left where I have suggested and move the other two pieces to the right side of the tank. The biggest still toward the front but about 3/8 the tank length from the right side and the second piece still behind that one and to the right. This might be to much distance though based on the length of the 30 gallon.

Keep playing wiht it. I know you will get it:)

Luck. Hope that was helpful.
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