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Looking for your comment on my rock arrangment

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Hello :D

So, I have long been wanting to do something like Aquoi's Enzan, and if I can just get my new tank hood to work, I will be setting this up somethine during next week I hope. I have cut out a piece of cardboard in the size of my tank, and today I startet setting up some arrangments of the rock to see how things turned out. Ofcourse, it all sucked :oops:

But, I was smart enought to take pictures of everything, and so I was hoping somebody could take the time to comment on my arrangmenst. Aquoi named his tank Faraway mountains... I think I'm gonna name mine Fare from a mountain :lol:

Arrangments nr 1: Since there's no gravel, you have to add some imaginations. The focal point is going to be higher than it is on this pictures, and also, the most left pieces and the front piece will be covered in gravel so the just look like the side of a mountain.
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for the right coposition, i would prefer the medium amd large rock to be leaning towards each other and the smaller rock preferably in the front. then it will look pretty much like sanzun iwagumi :)

MY 1/2 cents
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