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The rocks are somehow too different in shape and form from each other (from the pics) and therefore looks unnatural. What I'd do is to smash the biggest piece into smaller and medium pieces. Then use the 2nd biggest (now the biggest) as the tate ishi (standing stone). As the stones are quite flat and lack chi (energy), a laid back and calm scape would give better results.
With the smashed pieces of rock, hopefully you get good shapes, carefully place them around while taking into consideration the golden ratio, perspective and overall visual balance. The darker reddish stone looks like a penis and is the odd one out. don't use that one.
This scape will somehow look better with small to medium stones scattered around to balance and ease, but maintain the solidity of the 3 main stones, applying the rules of Sanzon Iwagumi.

Here's my concept in graphic, you can try...

As for planting. I cannot imagine stem plants in there so I guess a hairgrass or glosso plain is the way to go. Layered Riccia will look really good but carpeting it with a layered effect is tricky. E. tenellus and other slender leaved plants can be planted amidst the rocks. But use really small leaved ones to preserve the landscaped and wide plains look.

Choose a fish that complements your rock color well.

I hope my opinion is helpful. :wink:
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