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Hi Ron,
Start doing your homework on the Internet. Take a look at my links page at:'s Page/Aquarium/Links/general aquarium links.html.

Then go to the USDA site:
Then type in "Ludwigia palustris" for the scientific name. There are hundreds more in NY.

You will see a map of where it is found. It includes NY. There is no NY site linked to the USDA site, but I bet you could find some nice databases for NY state if you searched on Google enough.

I would get Kasselmann's book and do a search one very plant you think might be in NY. You will eventually become an aquatic plant expert on NY state plants.

TX has thousands of lakes but all but one are artificial ditches. NY has thousands of real lakes. Go to lakes that have swampy areas and pull up samples of everything growing in the water. You will not be disappointed. I just did a similar thing on the San Marcos River, see:'s Page/Aquarium/Expedition 1/Expedition 1_01.html

Also see my articles in the Articles section under Biotopes on this Forum at:
Steve Pituch
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