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I am looking to sell my complete planted show tank. It’s a 180 gallon Oceanic tank that includes glass canopy, oak stand, 4 light strips that run 2 bulbs each (4 power compact and 4 florescent - 504 total watts), two ehiem canister filters, UV sterilizer, heater, CO2 regulator, one 5lb CO2 tank, one 10lb CO2 tank, CO2 reactor, PH meter/controller, light timers.

This is a completely planted tank that is up and running so I will also be getting rid of the all the plants and fish. In addition the gravel, driftwood, rocks, brand new spare PC bulbs, and containers of ferts go with the tank.

I’m looking for $1,250 for everything. Please feel free to email me for additional information.


1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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