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Lost in jungle.

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2 months old. pls comments.

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Can you advise the dimensions of the aquarium, the lighting amount too?

Is that Blyxa japonica in the midground behind the Eleocharis sp.?

Andrew Cribb
This is a beautiful aquascape. I really enjoy it.

The main problems I see are the cloudy (?) water and the recently planted foreground. The foreground needs time to fill in. The street of Hygrophila difformis on the right hand side could be grown into a more solid line. These will greatly enhance the appearance and presentation of this aquascape.

Hey Dom, that's a nice looking aquascape you got there. Your plants look very healthy. Maybe a blue background would give a good effect to your scape. Care to comment on your dosing regimen :?:
hi... thx for the comments.

the tank is 6ftx2ftx2ft = 640L. Lighting amount is 9x36W and 1x40W = 364W. Yes. That is japonica. They growing very healthy.

the tank running with a taiwan made 1200l/h canister, the filteration is not as good as eheim. That's why the water still cloudy. Planning to get a eheim to run on it.
Some plants in foreground growing quite slow. due to cant really get the lighting. (i m quite a lazy fella. seldom trim the plants)

emmm...was wanna change the background to blue. But end up can't get it in that moment. so...just used the black. Anyway, black look cool and working fine.
This planted tank is indeed awesome, I bet the fish feel like they're in fish-heaven. The jungle layout is working out great, and healty! You have really good growth, especially with the likes of the Tonina.

Some suggestions: more filtiration(1200l/h is nothing), get another canister to increase visibilty. Trim the hygro that is reach for the surface, try making it even with the driftwood. Try growing the vals in uniform(it kindof looks meesy with each leaf going it's own way). Get more Altums, yours looks really lonely! :(

Awesome tank! :D
thank you raul-7. i will trim the plants. due to i m staying alone. no one can help to carry the cover. Will try to arrange with my friend for help.

Altum, that is the Queen of Aquatic World. I love it. But the price in my place are kinda expensive.

The tonina growing very well. Saw some small babies growing out from the side. Can't wait to trim them....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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