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From experience, pounds of dry chemicals are hardly necessary for a tank with 2 wpg --especially one with 2 wpg normal flourescent lighting. The best, most cost effective options right now are 1) lighting 2) a convenient liquid fertilizer like Flourish or Kent Plant Supplement and 3) DIY CO2.

There is no need to start fiddling with nitrate, phosphate, and potassium. With your amount of light, just add Flourish at the recommended amounts and keep a decent number of fish. Feed them well and the fish will do a good job of fertilizing the tank for you for those other nutrients (nitrate, phosphate).

DIY CO2 will be a huge plus. Would you like to know how to mix a batch up? It only involves a 2 liter coke bottle, airline tubing, silicon sealant, yeast, water, and sugar. You can feed it right into your filter or even make a little DIY reactor if your handy. It would greatly improve the health and vigor of your plants.

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