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Hi Folks,

We have been working very hard to keep up with the demand for more product regarding wood, fertilizer and shrimp.
Green Leaf Aquariums will now have the best in high quality shrimp food and Bornio wood as well as Ferka Fertiliser. I should be able to get a photo of the wood up by tomorrow. The wood looks amazing in color and shapes.
Here is a sample photo(crappy) of the Ferka product.
Also we will have there Substrate system fertilizers as well that includes Stemma, Rosetta and Aquabase.

For shrimp we will have all the essential elements for proper health, color and growth. We will have all of the Mosura products as well.
All of this includes food, breeding supplies and liquid nutrients for all types of shrimp(Sulawesi, Bee, Crystal and Snails)
Mosura Specialty Crystal Red shrimp food.
Ebi-Ten Shrimp products
Ebitabreed Products
Choice Shrimp Breed product.
Ebikuna Dango Product.

If you have questions or suggestions just drop me an email or PM.

Regards, Orlando


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Most of this new product comes from Japan shrimp breeder's.
They wanted to know if I was interested in buying shrimp, I asked them how much and they told me the sky was the limit.
They have shrimp in the $10,000 just for a proven breeding pair!!!!!
Ferka is a product of Singapore, I have been testing it out for a few months and so far no complaints.;)

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