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Low light package with emmersed hc-$16

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I have a low light package but also has emmersed hc in it

Plants for sale:

1 large and one medium stem of water wisteria.
20-25 tip stems of Rotala Rotundifolia
1 small portion of java fern
1 golfball portion of java moss
1 Anubias Barteri 8 leaves, 2-3 have some gsa i think.
1 portion of hc. It is about the size of a golfball when piled on top of each other.

Disclaimer kinda of: This hc was grown emmersed but i decided to just sell it. There is some green slime algae on some of the hc, like less than 1/10th of it. It doesn't really stick to it,(unless it dries up) i got some of it off fairly easy.



Thanks for looking :peep:

Happy Holidays!
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Package is SOLD

Is it possible to edit your thread title?
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