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Hello, I've stated a Low tech planted aquarium, I'm fairly new
with this so I'm trying some things out just for experience to
see how things go with how I've set the aquarium up for this.

I have a 75 gal aquarium that's not completely full but over
1/2 way, I have water Wisteria, jungle Val, amazon swords &
java fern, I started them in a 30 gal long but they over grew it.

So I now have them in the 75 gal BUT, here's what I done
when I transferred them over, I saved up a lot of 2 liter soda
bottles & put holes around the bottles (3 rows) & I put 3 layers
of different size gravel in them with a fertilizer tab at the bottom.

The gravel in the bottles are a little UNDER 1/2 to 1/2 full, the
gravel I used in layers is, the very bottom is lava rock 1 layer
the 2nd layer is river rock & the 3rd layer is pea gravel.

All the stem plant's are in the bottles, but I put the jungle Val
in a 3ft widow planter in the back of the tank with the same
layers of gravel I used in the bottles & root tabs the full length
in the bottom down the middle, so far the plants are growing.

The lights I'm using is 3 different types through out the day
1 is a 4 ft led shop light, for the morn hrs. 2 is a 3 ft plant
light for afternoon hrs, the 3rd light Is a in or out of water
bar light for evening hrs,

I started this tank almost a month ago & I have been looking
on you tube for anything close to this kind of setup but found
nothing so how did I come up with this idea ? I watched a LOT
of videos & put everything I learned together & went with it.

I also have a 660gph pump sitting on the bottom of the tank
with a 1 inch pvc pipe that's 3 inches tall with a elbow on it
that keeps everything on the floor of the tank stirred up to
make it into the bottles to feed the plants there's NO FISH

I have goldfish in a 110 gal stock tank on the deck I
collect their fish waste water to use as fertilizer for
the plants in the aquarium, I use it IN BETWEEN the
other ferts I use thought out the month.

So tell me your thoughts on if you have seen or tried
anything like this or if you would try this to grow plant's?
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