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"Lunar Terra formed" 2.5 ghost Planted brackish shrimp tank journal

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"Lunar Terra formed" 2.5 ghost brackish shrimp tank journal

This is a 2.5 gallon tank which is WIP. Come to think of it, I don't know what tank is never a WIP. Each system appears to grow and change as a person grows and learns new information; or at least, this is how it is with me.

I am perhaps trying a somewhat tricker type of tank. A brackish system. I am not choosing any specific biotope, but I assume that this aquarium is closer to a brackish river. I intend to fluctuate the saline content of the water between changes. I wish to keep this like an ever changing fresh/saltwater river.

I have successfully raised ghost shrimp in a brackish jar. These are my chosen inhabitants of the 2.5 gallon tank.

Right now, at day one, this tank is very lightly salted. I have used marine salt so its closer to the fluids that will come in from the ocean. I have read conflicting information on the use of aquarium therapeutic salts and the stuff for Marine Aquariums. I chose the marine stuff because of what I said above, its more like what comes from the sea.

To start I have used pea gravel again. I know I said I wan something finer, but that just...wasn't in the books at the moment. I may sprinkle some smaller gravel on the top as a cap at a later time. For now, I think this will suffice. The shrimp are not in the tank, but I am going to cycle it first and try to get the plants started. I am adding some water from one of my fresh tanks to get some beneficial bacteria.

Also to note, my tank doesn't have a filter thus far. I plan on either a sponge, or a hang on back. It will be in prior to my shrimp entering the water. I do have an air stone to keep the water moving.

The stone will probably make the water as hard as the rocks themselves. I am willing to take this risk. It's collected from two sources. I got a couple of nice stones, the largest two from Kerns Quarry in Burlington. I know,I know; I probably should not have picked it up. But it was interesting local stone. The other smaller stones are collected from the Welland Canal banks. I picked up a few small "flakes" because I wanted a jaggier texture. I guess you can call this an Iwagumi but I am not sure it will stay that way. I might add some driftwood or something so I might add Java Moss.

This tank might be a lot tricker as it is brackish and I am very limited in the plants I can add. But not as limited as if it were a fully salt tank...can't add plants there....I do intend to add a few more vals and look for some Moneywort. And hope the Glosso and Dwarf Sag take off. As I said, right now it's only lightly salted. I want to get the plants established prior to slowly strengthening the salt solution then finally adding the shrimp.

I am sure the ammonia will spike followed by nitrites as I have inserted jobes fert sticks under the gravel and some areas of sand. I simply cut them into 2mm thick slices and used them like mini root tabs

I am debating on using a DIY Co2 in this system. It might be better once I get a HOB filter. At least when my bubbles are done throwing it around. I have a thin piece of clear plastic card cut to span the width of the tank so as to keep the bubble spray from hitting the bulb above.

The lighting at the moment is a 13 Watt Compact fluorescent. I do hope that it triggers some algae on the rocks. I think the greenish rocks look fantastic and my cherry shrimp vase has a green algae covered rock and that looks amazing, IMO. I don't mind algea if it's not that miserable black hairy staghorn or BBA.

This tank is very cloudy due to being set up. Midge flies have decided this is a great place to commit suicide.

So final notes and where I want to go with this tank:

I want to add Bacopa and more Vals to the tank.
I would like to add Java Moss and more Java fern. (where is the best place for either.)

I wish to add more beach sand. I could not find where my bag of it went.
I wish to add a finer substrate cap over the peas. (thicker at the back)

I want to add a HOB filter
I want to put my ghost shrimplets in it.
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Due to leaching of the two large rocks, I had to rescape a little. I got some finer gravel and added more of my missing beach sand.

Got some bacopa in it too. I intend to add more glosso when I do my tank water changes.
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Nice arrangement of rocks, they fit the tank better than the original ones.
Yeah, I agree. the more I look at it, the more I like it. So I think that leeching was good in that respect.

your eggs in the sig hatched....
Algae fest, but not anything I am worried about. Water is still somewhat brackish, I change amounts from time to time. Sometimes its more, sometimes its less...

There are 13 young ghost shrimp inside. They seem happy enough.

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I really like this tank! It is amazing that it is so small. I bet the shrimp love the algae, and the green rocks do look cool. I doubt the rocks will stay green long though:p!
The bacopa looks tacky, but the hygro is doing well as well as the glosso. The other stuff...meh nod doing much. the rocks algae fluctuates from day to day. some times it's clear sometimes its coated. definately an imbalance going on. other than that, it seems fine.
I really like the hygro in this tank, I think it and the sand compliment each other well! no big loss if the bacopa doesn't make it, IMHO.
true enough. I got bacopa in my other tanks too, not the big one. looks equally as tacky. I don't mind if the hygro attempts to take over. my Shrimp tanks I let it go a bit wild and it looks okay.

The colour of the leaves looks warm in an otherwise cold looking tank.

Hasn't changed much. Just more algae, there is a zebra nerite munching its way along the back. Wish it would do the front and sides.
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my baby ghosts!
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