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mail order business in Canada...

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Hi everyone!

Does anyone knows business in Canada who does plants mail order? I did some research on the net and the business I've seen only US or foreign business.


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It's quite suprising to see that Aquariumplants seem to be the only business who does mail orders in Canada...:? There must be a good market for that...
there is a shop here in winnipeg that ships plants, but only to canadian addresses at the moment:

however at the moment, their plant stocks aren't that large.

there's another local guy who is selling plants, but i'm not sure if he sells throughout canada though, but you can always contact him to find out:
Hi All,

I've started a website to post up the items I have for sale to Canadian customers to try to make available not so common plants that people are having trouble getting a hold off. The pictures show the actual plants on sale. The place I got the plants from grow them emmersed as typical with most growers but I adapt them to submerged life with lots of light, CO2, and fertilization so they are in great shape.

Shipping is through Canada post and details are in the FAQ section I set up.

Currently on sale are:

Pogostemon Helferi
Hygrophila Corymbosa "Compact"
Limnophila Sessiliflora
Ludwigia Arcuata
Ludwigia Inclinata Verticallata "Cuba"
Pogostemon Stellata (Eusteralis)
Prosperpinaca Palustris
Samolus Valerandi
Utricularia Graminifolia

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me through my site's contact section.
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just saw this post, 3 years later LOL....yes i ship anywhere in Canada (located in Winnipeg) via Canadapost, reduced shipping costs for bigger orders if I can accomodate..
Aquarium Services
441 Chrislea Rd
ON L4L 8N4

Telefon: 905 8511858
Big Al's Aquarium Supercenter
2020 32 Ave NE
AB T2E 6T4

Telefon: 7804353474
Aquatic Plants Unlimited
7010 105 St NW
AB T6H 2P1

Telefon: 780 439 6599
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