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A year ago, I purchased BDS (Blue Dream Shrimp) from two different Internet vendors. The shrimp looked nice to my untrained eyes. I crossed the two populations in 3 different tanks.

Since then I've gotten a mixed bag. Many have mottled coloring (spots of blue against a pale translucent background) or are uniformly dark blue/black. Maybe a third of the population are what I started with-- uniformly blue and have blue legs, eye stalks, etc.

I was culling the black ones, but maybe I shouldn't. They are the most uniformly colored. Maybe breeders have a big heterogenous population like mine and just sell hybrids that fit the grading system? Not sure how this works.

Attached is picture of what I received from one vendor. You can see that the color is nice but not entirely uniform. Attached is the grading system for BDS.


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