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Hi all,

I started my first planted tank back in August. Things are going well so far, but I am wondering if there are some easy improvements that I can make. Below is a complete description of my setup. Let me know what you think along with tips for seeing better growth. Thanks for looking!

Tank: 29 gallon
Lighting: 54w compact fluorescent, 24w compact fluorescent @ 10hrs/day
Filtration: Penguin 350 hob, Whisper hob, Koralia Nano
Substrate: 3in deep pea sized gravel
Ferts: Seachem Line (Excel, Iron, Flouish, Potassium, and Trace) and Seachem root tabs
- I dose ferts based on the Seachem Daily Dosing Chart on this site
Maintenance: 50% WC weekly

- Red rubin
- Ruffled Sword
- Subulata
- Crypt petchii
- Anubias congensis
- Aquarium Lily
- Crypt spiralis
- Crispus
- Rotala
- Baby Tears

- 2 angelfish
- 3 yoyo loaches
- 7 neon tetras
- 8 harlequin rasporras
- 1 otto

Front Views

Left Side

My hair algae problem is pretty much gone, but I still have some other growth going on that I can't id. Any help??? Below are some fuzzy pics...


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Hi cichlidChad,
I think you are off to a good start! If I might suggest that the shells go (more for salt water than freshwater) and add some hardscape like rocks or driftwood. Also maybe add an additional plant texture or a red plant, maybe something fine like a Rotala or for red a Ludwigia.

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Yeah, I think lack of phosphorus is the cause of the gsa. I will have to add that to my dosing. Is it still important for me to add nitrogen even though I have a decent number of fish?

I have been toying with adding some driftwood. I think that would certainly add to the look.

As for some color, I have Rotala and my Red Rubin. When I started dosing iron ferts about 1 month ago, I saw color showing up. But then my bn pleco decide the red leaves tasted good and made short work of them. Now that the bn is gone, they are making a comeback.


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I would continue to add N03. You don't have enough fish to add the amount of N03 needed for your plants. If you start getting green dust algae, then decrease the amount added.

Adding P04 will definately help with GSA. It may take a few weeks to notice a difference.

I agree driftwood would be a nice addition to the scape. Putting a piece on either or both side(s) of the Rotala would look nice. Other than that just giving the plants some time to fill in, then you may decide to move some around.
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