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Hello all,

I just ordered 2 Giesemann Power chrome Miday T5's and two Giesemann power chrome Aquaflora T5 lamps from Marine Depot (.com). They arrived the next day with free ground shipping, they even credited me Ca. state tax without me asking. I am somewhat local to them (San Diego) so ground came very quickly. The lamps where packaged very well. The box took some abuse, but the contents appeared fine.

Installed my 4 new bulbs and wouldn't you know it, one of the Aquaflora bulbs was bad. I call Marine Depot, expecting a week long struggle to get a new bulb, the hassle of shipping the bad bulb back, and waiting...waiting .... waiting.....

Well much to my pleasure they offered to ship a new one out at no charge. Though they did mention UPS might contact me for the old bulb, they told me if no contact in 10 days to throw the bad bulb out. One day later and my tank is all lite up! Super fast shipping, great customer service, no hassle. (did I mention they had one of the best prices around).

Thank you Marine Depot... I will order from, and recommend you in the future.
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