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I'd like to announce that the May Raffle winner is mm12463! =D>

He has graciously decided to let the Collector Pack roll onto the June raffle.

Therefore, June Raffle is for a Collector's Pack consisting of 1 stem BL Stellata, 1 stem aromatica, 1 stem ammania, and 1 petite nana.

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Wee. New plants. This is really cool and very nice. Thanks a ton.

I just don't have room for that much and rather not take something I might kill or not have room for if someone else could use it.

But I did trim the snot out of my 20 this week and gave all the fern, vals, and java and some anubias to a friend who wants to get some plants growing in his tank. But then again Adam doesn't listen to me so I bet in another month he will ask for more. Silly guy!!
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