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Meeting of Rivers

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Hi people
Recently I became part of this great community, and I would like to be able to exchange ideas, criticisms and all the information needed for my new project. Currently, the aquarium will be emptied and retired to a new planted for this final year (31/12 to 01/01 are the only days off that I have) ... And as you can see is a mess, with poor layout done and many without care ... Only the first messes this aquarium was good, with beautiful plants such as cabomba furcada red.
After much work, saving and sacrificing my youth without amusement hope to reap a beautiful fruit, and I would like you could guide me.

Name: Meeting of Rivers
Date of assembly: 31/12/2007
Dimensions: 180X50X60 (cm) - 560 liters (146 gallons approximately).
Mobile and luminária: ADA Style
Lighting: 3 KIT HQI 150W - 6500k of Venture + 2 T5 54W - 8000k Osram
Filtering: Canister Azzo 1500l / h with the return distributed back with total system Heiem and filter of sand fluidizada.
Substrate: Elos Terra Medium (30L) and Small (30L) + two boxes of AquaUno
Fertilization: Kit Elos phase1, phase 2 e K40
System of Co2: Cylinder of 4kg + Diffuser / Reactor Boyu + Indicator of Co2 Red Sea
Hardscap: Stones in the far right and center style layout Iwagumi, trees on the left edge style layout U two rivers. The layout on the left side was inspired in Across the River, in general, want to recreate a landscape of the region of the Araguaia River (border between the Amazon forest and open field typical of the region north and center-west Brazil).

Herminiatus cuba (far right)
Eleocharis párvula (the left corner and edge of rivers)
Byxa japónica
Herestezantela foristrifolia
Rotala green
Rotala rotundifolia
Ludvigia inclinata var cuba
Ludvigia sp pantanal
Cabomba furcada (???)
Musgo of Java (???)
Top secret... hehehe :cool:

Thank user FAAO (Felipe de Oliveira) for help and the ideas that have given to this project.
I apologize for the low level of English.

That hug


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1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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