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Ok this shaping up well. We have:

1. Me
2. Cindy
3. May
4. Mike
5. Kristi
6. A 6 foot long light fixture
7. Pedro (maybe)
8. Allien vs. Predator (new members,

A van should accomodate the needs for all of individuals listed above. I will be renting the van for sure!

I have an idea where May and Mike&Kristi live. I also seem to recall where I live. If we all want to drive more or less equal distance to the meeting point I suggest we meet somewhere on 75 and George Bush.

But Cindy, I forgot where you live. Is what I suggest way out of your way?

I'm a little concerned about person #8. I just got new floors and they look like droolers! Ya think they can keep themselves under control? [smilie=u:
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