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I think this deserves a separate thread:

We really need to try and pool members if anything will materialize in the future. As of right now, the club is very informal but we will try and have occassional meetings depending on head count.

I think we may need some support from those outside of our area and of Florida to garner more members. We need a concerted effort of flyers and emails to plant forums and mailing lists.

I think the threshold for a decent club size is around 10 members.

Can I have a head count as of right now on who will participate in this club?

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If you guys have a meeting in Miami on a weekend, I'll pass by. I'm just starting to get in the hobby so it'll probably do me some good. Just send a PM/Email.
im in

I'm in... Let me know whenever you guys decide to meet and ill do my best to make it...
Willing to host meetings once I return in June

Hi everyone,

I had been corresponding with Art Giacosa about the club. I'm moving back to Miami in early June, and I have expressed interest, when I've settled a bit, in offering my home as a place for meetings, if you'd like. Just don't dump beer into the tanks please! :rolleyes:

I live in West Kendall. Let me know if there are any future meetings in the works. How did the last meeting go? You can contact me via PM or through this thread.

Warmest regards, hopefully there are still people reading this thread.

I'm in the Miami area too, and interested in attending a meeting if one is set up. I'd love to be able to sit in a meeting and learn from others in the hobby. If anything is set-up I'd be very interested.
very interested; attended previous attmpts to form a club

RA Davidoff
I would come , I was very active in our plant club in San Francisco, and have lived in Ft Lauderdale 3 years now.
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