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I have a question and I'm a super noob about MH lighting,
is there a difference between coralife bulbs MH bulbs and bulbs that you buy from the hydroponic store , the hydroponic store quoted me $40 for a 6500K bulb and the prices i've seen for the coralife bulbs are around $199 or $99 i forgot

or was i quoted the wrong price?

thx in advance


Bob Vivian said:
Any K rating will grow plants. 5500k or lower is, IMO, too yellow/green for my viewing purposes.

I prefer 6500K's. The 10000K's are whiter but still pleasing to the eye.

The Coralife 6500K's have great color but are expensive. Hamilton's 6500K "Superbrite" Day bulb is less but shows too green for me.

Hope that helps.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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