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Well, folks, it's about that time again.
The Michiana Aquarium Society presents Killifish Karnival 2009 on Feb. 28th and March 1st. Location is still the Bennigan's/Ramada Inn just off Exit 92 of the 80/90 Indiana toll road.
The show speaker will be Art Leuterman, and we will also have a presentation by Ray "Kingfish" Lucas. Box sales, New and Rare Chinese raffle, show/judging, awards party and programs are all on Saturday. Sunday will conclude the festivities with the Kingfish dry-goods auction then the Killifish/plants/supplies auction.

Not going to make it? No problem, we love getting mail-ins. Want to prove you can ship in winter? Here's your chance! And even if you only have a few pairs of fish, that's fine. I dont care if I have to judge a 45-pair F. gardneri class, I'll be psyched that the show will be good sized.

Interested? Email or PM me for an e-flyer. Or if you're an AKA member, check your latest BNL for more information, including a mail-in address.

Last year we had a pretty good showing of online forum folks, and I hope we can keep up with that trend. I look forward to seeing/meeting some new folks at the show!

KK '09 co-chair

Side note: Cory of Bayleesfishees has been to the auction the last couple years with some GREAT deals!
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