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I have java ferns from the same mother plant which stay small (2 inch leaves) in a no-CO2, low light, low energy (no fert) nanotank. They still attach themselves to the wood and produce new growth though. Siblings in a high light/CO2 tank produce fronds up to 20 cm long. Plants are so plastic.

For the so-called nanas and nana 'petite', I have a regular nana in the same nanotank which produces very small new foliage, which most would mistake for 'petite.' Specimens of 'petite' (from Oriental's farm) that I have placed in my other tank (containing also regular nanas) for over 6 months remain tiny (a typical petite plant [rhizome with 6-7 leaves] would fit comfortably on a single regular nana leaf.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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