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I don't know if it exists but I know I had "seeded" a small 10 gal tank with plantlets from a regular java fern a couple years ago. The 10 gal is low light, low nutrient and low fish load. The plantlets remained healthy and spread over the rocks I attached them to but remained no taller than 1-1.5 inches. I now have them in a bucket after having torn down the tank as it was not getting the attention it needed. These ferns have been in there for 2 years so my guess is that it could be a condition more than a species. I know the mother plant in my well maintained tank is full size so I'd expect these little ones to grow too if placed in a well maintained tank.

At least that's one experience, there might be another species somewhere but I can certainly see how someone may be led to believe that a 2 year old java fern no taller than 1.5 inches could be a dwarf of some kind. I'd be happy to send you some but their mom is a regular java fern so I think you would see the same thing happen.

Actually this is similar to my experience with Anubias nana petit, my petit under strong lighting over the last 2 years has overtaken my barteri in height :roll: same petit under medium light is still smallish but growing....

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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