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i have the real "dwarf" before that grew to only 1 and a half inch max height and the leaves were less than half a centimeter in width. It was attached to a driftwood with no shade in a high light/co2 tank but it never took off like the normal ones ie: 2-3 new leaves in a month but it took 6 months to double its size from 1" clump to 2" (too slow that i stupidly decided to throw it away and now i'm searching for it in LFS with no luck for a bout a year now (i got it from big al's but they just say they'll take orders but the plants i ordered never came in-their excuse is they got replacements cuz its unavailable ATM)
So there seem to be a real dwarf version but i guess u can force it to be a bonsai from other peoples testimonial but i'm not willing to experiment cuz it seem too time consuming....oh well good luck to everyone trying to find it i guess
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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