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Ha ha! I too have gone down that road! That and the red moss that I've been hearing about. Three inches max growth is pretty small though, if it doesn't get any bigger, maybe you got something there. (Send me a piece if you do :lol: ) Besides, I've heard about this dwarf thing off and on for at least 6 years. Wouldn't you think a big nursery like Tropica or Oriental would have gotten their hands on it by now?

It is not a dwarf, but there is a very interesting Java fern out there that I have been looking for. I saw it in a Taiwanese mag and they labelled it as "Split narrow leaf". In the pic, it looked like narrow leaf with "Tropica" dentitions. Has anyone seen that plant? I do have a poor scanned image of it, probably not worth posting it here though.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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