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I never found much merit to the mid approach although many seem to swear by it.

If you have good CO2, NO3 etc, then it's simply not needed.
If you have weak CO2 then the break will allow more time for the CO2 to build up to solve the deficiency.

But if you did things correctly and had a control, you'll find there's little merit to the approach, unless you just want to have weak CO2 levels or some other weird notion about how to grow plants.

Give the plants what they need to grow, then there are no algae problems.
Once you figure this philosophy out, life is good.

I had a number of issues with Dennelre's site and advice on algae.
See AQ for more on that.

I know I've done more with controls than any company has to date addressing plant health and algae.

Blackout works quite well with BGA.lower light Green water issues, but as mentioned by Budak, it is ineffective for BBA etc.

But keep in mind there are midday blackouts and then there are 3-5 day blackouts.
Do not confuse the two types.

I find the midday routine to be usless if all other parameters are accounted for.

These produce different results and are different in their approach.

Tom Barr
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