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There are several different types of algae. The so-called black-out method is effective for blue-green algae (aka cyanobacteria, not algae actually), but not things like BBA, brush algae etc...

I am afraid I find Dennerle's proposed method unhelpful, even detrimental, as plants don't seem to like the disruption to their daily photosynthetic cycle much. Ergo: if the plants don't flourish (due to insufficient light/fert/Co2), what's the point?

The idea that algae declines in the presence of healthy plants seems to be more credible. This means providing ample and consistent Co2 (20mg/l or more), continuous, regular lighting cycles and a full spectrum of fert (NO3, PO4, K, Fe, micros) amidst regular water changes. There is, of course, the alternate approach of no-water change, no fert, low-to-medium light setups, which also works, but that is another (long) story.
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