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I agree with the others.

I took a quick look at the Dennerle article and saw a lot of statements that contradict well established knowledge about algae and higher plants. All the green algae (Chlorophyta) are very similar to members of the plant kingdom in their photosynthetic pigments and general biochemistry. In fact, at least some of the green algae are under consideration to be included in the plant kingdom. I doubt very much that a mid-day light break would adversely affect algae any more than it would the rest of the plants.

Right at the beginning of the article, where the effects of putting a new fluorescent bulb on an established tank are discussed, I found a lot to take issue with. I especially don't believe the claim that the increased oxygen from the increased photosynthesis due to the new light would precipitate out reduced iron compounds. Virtually all iron compounds get oxidized to ferric at oxygen levels too low to support fish life. If fish were living in the tank lit by the old light, the ferrous compounds will be oxidized to ferric already.

While it is true that a higher light level can cause plants to become iron deficient that were not at the lower level, the reason is due mostly to the fact that a slow growing plant can absorb enough iron and other nutrients to keep up with its growth rate even when nutrient levels are low. However, when the plant is fast-growing, it can develop a deficiency at low levels of nutrient availability because it now needs to absorb nutrients more rapidly to keep up with its growth rate.
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