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I've got a 50 Gallon planted tank with Black Flourite sand. It ranges from about 1" in the shallowest to about 2" at the deepest. I really like the looks of it and my plants seem to be flourishing (mostly hardy plants). I love the look of the Tahitian Moon sand and would like to add it to the top layer of my current Flourite. But my question is, will doing so disrupt my ability to grow any particular type of plants? I really want to start growing a carpet of HC. I just put on a JBJ co2 system set at about 2 bubbles per second and I've got plenty of lighting a 150-watt HQI metal Halide and a 36" Coralife T-5. Are there any negatives to adding the Tahitian Moon sand as a top layer or can I go ahead and do so without reservation?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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