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"Mondo Grass" is, I believe what you are calling Ophiopogon japonicum. If so, that is not an especially amphibious plant. It is rather straight-forwardly terrestrial. There are some semi-aquatic sedges, such as Cyperus helferi. It is from "Asia", specifically Thailand.

Also from Thailand and somewhat available is Crinium thaianum (a bulbous amaryllis relative); Cryptocoryne albida; Cryptocoryne crispatula; Hygrophila corymbosa.

You could try your hand with rice (Oryza sativa) grown partly emersed. You would need some viable seeds. That would look cool.

By the way, I keep asking wherever I see a betta thread, anyone know where I can buy a "Spade Tail" betta? They're like Veil Tails only the caudal fin ends in a distinct point.
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