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more on the collection

Hi All, the pics on Pituchs site are mostly to show where and what to look for on country roads. Almost all the sites you see are less than 4 feet across(most just 1 or 2 foot) and 2 to 8 inches deep. Lots of time you won't even see water its so weed chocked. On this day I was lucky, the mowers had cut the day before. The picts are of Myriophyllum (pinnatum?), the question mark is because of the deep red color, its got to be seen to be believed. Theres a pic of Potamageton diversifolius its the one with small spade like leaves and the same plant we thought was P. pectinatus. In fact if I had'nt seen the leaves change I wounld'nt have believed it. The one wheres theres just a bunch of green at the bottom of the pic is a moss I found at the bottom of the same ditch I found the Jungens repens (creeping rush)(see please ID these plants). The other plants except for the babys tears, I dont know yet. Apparently all the pics didnt make it to Steve so will put more up as soon as I can find out why theyre not loading..Jimjim
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