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More "Ask Dennis"?

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I was wondering if there was a more orderly way to go about this tread. My hope for it was to lend my help with something I really know. I realize that almost imediatly it has become a litle disorganized with several different ideas and topics in one post. Is there any way to organize it better? Could subtopics be used or something? I have talked to MatPat, a fellow cabinet maker, and we would both be wiling to lend our time to this. Maybe a seperat forum, although I am hesiitant to add more and more forums all the time. We don't want to start looking to "broad" based. Anyway, just a thoght, although I am not sure what the thought, or question, is :?

Dennis Dietz
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I understand. We can certainly "split the topic" into segments. I think the Ask Dennis is a wonderful idea and very helpful to folks. I've worked with acrylic a lot so I was thinking of doing the same.

The split topic would work as follows: You have the main thread going but if a sub-thread develops, we can carve it out to a new thread such as "Ask Dennis- George's Tank Stand". This would leave the main thread for general one-off questions, while specific threads that developed are pulled apart.

I really don't want to create a new forum as it would begin to dilute the board. What do you think?
Thanks Art.

I like the idea of the sub-topic. I did not really like the idea of another forum but I do not understand much about the machanics of the forum based software. I was just hoping for a way to divide it up more.

How could this be accomplished? Is it something I could do or not. I am sure I could learn how, but maybe it takes a moderator or someone with more "authority" to do. Would the subtopics be listed seperately? I was thinking of a forum with in a forum (only way I can think to describe it) Maybe a stickie or somehting. Let me know what would work and i will be hapy to help. I am glad people like it. I was hopeing to find a way ot be more useful:)

Thanks again Art.

I can do it. Just tell me the posts you want to separate into another topic. The other topics should be labeled something like: "Ask Dennis: George's Cabinet".
Sounds good Art. Thanks. Let me get this straight though, (sorry i can be slow) Basically there would be the thread, kind of as it started and then there would be organized sub-topics after that? That would work good. The first, original part, would be the place to explain (the whole original Ask Dennis post) and also a place to keep people updated about the entire thread (ie, the intro of MatPat helping and being a fellow woodworker). The sub-topics would be the more specific posts, such as, your cabinet, Cody's cabinet with info about mortise and tenon joinery, and, reciently the posts about Jimjim's cabinet and how to improve his hood. The rest of the post would ofcourse be inclued:)

That would work awesome. Feel free to adjust as you see fit anytime and I will be happy to figure out how to break it down and let you know.

Thanks again Art.
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