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More greeting from South sunny Spain!

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i think is time to send regards at forum. I have been some time reading and learning.. and i hope will continue by here. :D
My English is an "airport English" :D , because i cann´t to take part in the debate so much i will like.. perhaps, this is good for your health...!! :D

I live in the South-East of Spain... very near to Almeria desert. Have some tanks and a lot of of aquatic plants and non-aquatics plants. My hi-tech tank, the first is place in the yard on my house, at full sun, post some pictures in the Gallery forum.
I want show you some pics of my tank, any comments are welcome!!
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Welcome to the board Trebol-a.

Wow, your tank is beautiful and the pictures are great! :)

Mucho gusto! Si necessitas ayuda con un poco ingles, dejame saber. Ya e olvidado mucho de mi espanol, pero puedo ayudar un poco.

Y sus plantas son tan hermosas!

Thanx JanS and gracias tambien a Mtechnik, your spanish is better my english... ;)
Trebol-a, Welcome to APC :) ... Lovely tank and great plant pics.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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