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my 29 gallon is pretty low light right now and i want to make it higher so that i can grow a bit harder types of plants.

I have right now a 55 watt 9325k ah supply brite kit. It is pretty bright for a 1.9 wpg but when my plants grow to long/out, it blocks the light to other plants below.

Would it work if i made a canopy with the 55w in the back and in the front put those screwy cf bulbs?

If i use those bulbs, would three bulbs that are ~15-18 watt daylight bulbs work?. Would i need to up c02 or ferts?

Getting a new fixture would not work for me since i am out of money (or saving it) right now.

Thanks for any help

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It will always be necessary to prune your plants to avoid shading the lower plants too much. Adding more light doesn't avoid that. In fact, the overgrowth of plants also reduces the necessary water circulation so much that you will be starving many plants even though you dose fertilizers and CO2. Pruning does more than make the tank look good. It also contributes greatly to the health of the plants, and to avoiding algae.
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