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Limnophila sp. 'Mini' 5-6 stems $5 SOLD
Ludwigia brevipes 7 stems $5 SOLD
Mayaca fluviatilis 8 stems $2 (1 available) PENDING
Hygro 'Bold' 3 stems $5 (1 available) PENDING
Rotala wallichii 10 stems $3 (2 available) PENDING
Rotala 'Vietnam' 5-6 stems $5 (1 available) PENDING
Limnophila sessiflora 6 stems $1 (2 available) PENDING

Shipping $6, Paypal or RM
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Unfortunately my computer crashed and I'm using an older one that doesn't have a high speed USB to download my pics. The pics I posted were from last weekend when I was still able to get the pics off my camera.
Here's an older pic that I have saved with an online host. The pic was taken after the lights had been out for several hours and the leaves are in their closed position.

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