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I was always interested how are you guys trimming moss? Every time I have to do it it's soo messy and PITA to clean the tank after that. I have a tightly packed driftwood-moss-ferns aqua scape and can't get the driftwood out for trimming.

Thanks for ideas,

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I have moss on a piece of wood that is a pain to remove for trimming moss. So, what I do is remove the tank cover and get everything out of the way and reach in with both hands. I grasp a wad/clump of moss with my fingers, and with my other hand I trim that clump, and then, place it in a dish/bowl. I keep going like that until I've gotten the whole moss area trimmed. It takes longer, but is easier than removing the wood and keeps me from having moss all over the tank. I also wait to trim just before a water change, that way I can siphon out any 'escapees'.

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