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Mountain scape (Help please?)

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right so posted this over at TPT but though i would post this here as well to see what people think

right so i had the idea of making a scape simaler to an Iwagumi scape in the since that it will use only foreground plants and rocks. but i want to make more of a mountain affect into one corner and have that really high say 3/4 of the way up at like a 40 degree (estimating this) angle or so. it would have rock justing out surrounded by green (i'm thinking Utricularia graminifolia) as it slopes down. my first question has any one done something like this and second any one now a way to keep the substrate supported that high up and still keep it's form. i was thinking use a mud compound them something over it but not completely sure. also i read some where of some using aquasoil mud (broken down Amazona) to to create scape's and that it kept its form under water. so ya any help would be nice.

this is a reference picture to to sort of what i have in minf this more slanted

also does any one now if Utricularia graminifolia can be grown immersed
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Search through the aquascapes on this forum to get some ideas. Here is a link to one that might be similar:
not so much the scape ideas i just would like some suggestions on what to use to make the slop, and wont erode with water movement. this will be and ADA set up when i get it started but i would like something underneath the aquasoil that will hold up in the water. for this i'm slightly clueless on what i should use
thanks that give me a good idea of support for the substrate
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