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Moving Tank

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Hello everyone,

I am getting ready to move my 46 gallon heavily planted CO2 infused tank. My main question is whether or not I should uproot all my plants to transport them? Also, should I transport them in water or wrapped in wet newspaper or just in plastic bags?

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Depending on how long the drive is I drain all but 10% of the water and move the tank. Depending on how much help you have and how heavy the tank is this may or may not work. If it is too heavy to do this break it all down and move the plants in a bucket full of water.
On any tank bigger than a ten gallon the safest route to go is ALWAYS empty the tank 100% before transporting it. More important than removing the plants would be to get all the substrate out. Substrate can add a lot of weight to the tank, as well as sloshing around and scratching up the glass.

Yes, some people cheat; yes, some people get away with it. But do you want to be the one left w/ a broken tank? Or worse yet, one that ends up springing a leak when you're not at home to save your stuff? When making a decision like this I try to do a quick risk/loss assessment. Ask yourself, if I break the rules and loose, what's the worse that can happen? How great an impact could this create? Will I be able to comfortably cope with the worse case scenario? (Or how mad and unhappy will I be?)

If it's going to be set up in a dedicated fish room: cement floors and central floor drain - go ahead and take the chance!:p

A lot does depend on how far your moving. If just in town, I'd just pull the plants, toss them in some buckets w/ water from the tank. Then when you're ready to head out the door put them in plastic bags, no newspaper or water needed.
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I did this recently on a 46 gal tank. I highly recommend taking Mud Pie's advice and getting EVERYTHING possible out of the tank before moving it. During my last move I left my substrate in and everything worked out OK, but I wouldn't leave any water in if possible.

I think you have some wiggle room with plant transportation, as long as they don't dry out, one method is as good as the other. If you want to minimize the shock of the move and subsequent die-off, you might try slowing down the growth rate in your tank prior to the move.
Thanks everyone,

I will pull all the plants, substrate, etc and move them in bags. Tank, equipment, stand, etc will move carefully and separately.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that all survives and nothing breaks.

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