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I'm going to be away from one of my tanks for a few months and want to replace the last of my fast growing plants with more med-slow growers, so the tank is easier to take care of. I'm seeking various small to medium sized Crypts and other SLOW-MEDIUM speed growers (like a Kleiner Bar or Flame Amazon) that won't spread too fast and need constant pruning like most stem plants.

I have really nice Corkscrew Val (about 30), some Tiger Dwarf Sag and Malaysian Trumpet Snails (which are great for "aerating" substrate and getting nutrients to roots) to trade. I also have some equipment and supplies posted for sale:

Malaysian Driftwood Medium-Sized - very interesting dramatic piece with "3 legs" forming a triangle that can be placed in multiple configurations - $9

Seachem Tanganyika Buffer (1 KG/2.2 lbs) with 2/3 left - $6 (retail $16.49 for full).

Kent 500 grams pH Stable for Freshwater - full - $6 (retail $10.89) - very concentrated - a little goes a long way - no phosphates or other unwanted chemicals.

And from this thread :

A) Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Tap Water Filter - highly affordable and easy way to filter tap water - produces 10 gallons per hour - Removes organic wastes, calcium, silicates, ammonia, phosphates, and many other unsavory water contaminants. Maintenance of the system is simple, just change the filter cartridge. One cartridge will last for about 50 to 150 gallons of purified water, depending on how contaminated your tap water is. With everything, R/O unit, tubing, faucet attachment - all you need is a refill cartridge or your own filter media. Only $19 (retail $34 plus tax). You can also make a great CO2 reactor out of this.

B) Seachem PhosGuard 4L (3L left) - bet phosphate and silicate remover - bead shaped and highly porous for optimum water flow - 4L easily treats over 300 gallons - only $19 (retail $37)

G) Mini ceramic biological filter media in net bag, $3

H) Fluval Biomax ceramic biological filter media, 2 ½ cups worth, enough for a large canister filter or several medium/small filters, can be placed directly in canister filter without media bag, $9 (retail about $20)

I) Red Sea CO2 Reactor 500, New In Box, $24 (retail $35)

J) Tronic Heater Guard, $3 (retail, $4.99)

Also will to buy some plants, so by all means, please let me know what you have that won't choke my tank in 3 months and won't need constant pruning. It's ok if it grows a little, just not super fast like most stem plants.
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