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I'd say don't combine the outputs of the 2 filters and make sure that the intakes are close to the bottom and the outflows close to the surface.

Also - it may be a good idea to cross the in- and outflow of the filters. Something like this: The Fluval intake in the lower left corner and the outflow in the top right. The Eheim would intake in the lower right and discharge in the top left.

I assume you will install the filter canisters under the tank. If so then the combined flow of the 2 filters will be only about 2 times your tank volume due to the hydrostatic head. That may not be enough circulation. When everything is up and running check the temperature in the tank by touching the glass close to the surface and close to the gravel (front, back, sides). If the temperature differs you need more or better flow. The flow may not be bad in the beginning but become a problem later when the plants get dense.

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