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I had this as a journal but my intentions with the tank changed. I like the thoughts of a dedicated biotope, but I feel some constrained by it. So, I scrapped the idea of competition and just went for a fun tank. I went to PetsMart today and got all of their livebearer babies for free along with the C. Lutea and java ferns. The rest of the plants came from Goey Pond, a local reservoir. The lighting is really yellow unfortunately, due to the compact fluorescents Im using at the moment.

Tank Specs:

All-Glass 10 gallon
4x 26 watt Compact Fluorescent Helical Bulbs
Home brew Yeast CO2 Reactor
EI Dosing

Plant Species:
Cryptocoryne Lutea
Standard Java Fern
Eriocaulon Sp. (aquaticum?)
Fissidens Sp.
Two unknown stem plants, one a lot like Rotala Rotundifolia

3x Black Molly
1x Variatus Platy
5x Assorted Guppy
All small fry, all but guppies will be transferred to my 55 when they mature.
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