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My 10 gallon planted RCS tank

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I don't have my RCS yet, but they will soon be here from epicfish. I can't wait!

Here are a few pics of the 10gallon I just took. For now I only have my bully, Molly in there with several plants.

This is a "goldfish crackers" plant that I pulled from my yard, along with the cave that I made for the shrimp to hide in; at least until the plants fill in.

To the left of the cracker plant is another from my yard. In the back-center is another small plant from my yard that has leaves shaped like hearts. We'll see how these plants do submersed. Money wort plantlet on the edge of the front. E. Tennellus pink just above it and another piece of e. tenn. just above that algae wafer. (Apparently the molly doesn't like the wafers so much.) Java Fern is tied to the artificial rock.

And the Amazon sword with the bully taking a glamor shot.

Hopefully my shrimp will be here soon to give some more life to this tank! Gonna hook up a diy co2 reactor soon to encourage plant growth. Lighting is done by two 15W spiral CF bulbs rated at 6500K for 10 hours a day. Trying to keep the water temp around 80 degrees. Substrate is Flourite Black. I'm in the process of moving my 20 gallon tank from my girlfriend's house (the reason I set up the 10 g). Used about 6 gallons of water from the 20 gallon along with a filter I had running on a 5 gallon to get it cycled quicker. Everything is stable. I also used the substrate from the 5 gallon, so that had plenty of bacteria in it for the new tank. I will eventually set the 5 back up as an isolation/hospital tank. Let me know what ya think! I'll be updating this thread as my tank changes! Hopefully within a couple days there will be 6 amano shrimp and 20 RCS in there!
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