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So with my little farm tank of what I thought was a fissidens species turning out to be a very different animal, I broke it down and set it back up as something a bit more conventional. It's my first stab at Iwagumi, but it's incomplete at the moment.

The tank is an All-Glass 10 gallon with Black beauty blasting grit for substrate. The hardscape is made up of some local shale and two pieces of Adirondack garnet-laced granite. Home brew CO2 diffused through a Whisper 5-15 power filter. Lighting is via a DESA 100 watt mercury vapor floodlight with a deluxe phosphor coated bulb. The MV lighting renders the reds on the white clouds just fine, which is the common complaint with mercury vapor lighting. The tank is EI dosed with dry fertilizers.

Plant species represented are:
Lilaeopsis "Mauritius" (Narrow Microsword)
Eleocharis sp. (Local hairgrass)
Blyxa Japonica (Currently in the mail)

The livestock is composed of five White Cloud Mountain Minnows at the moment, with a handful of RCS planned for the not-so-distant future.

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