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i finally bought a cylinder/cannister Co2 on monday and bought plants yesterday to fill in. Before this, it was a glosso only tank with DIY CO2. However a severe outbreak of spot algae on my glosso persuaded me to get a cannister. Hoepfully the spot algae will go away with a consistent level of Co2.

Will most likely replace the stone and driwftwood. They are stand in before i find the suitable piece from an LFS. Also, i will add some reddish stem on the left corner besides the crypt balansae. The PIC shows day 1 of planting and i do not know how the colouration will be realised yet.

Tank"s Specification

2ft x 1 feet x 1 feet: 14 USG
Black Quartz gravel over Cocopeat base
4x 15 watts FL (1 set of 2x15 watts is mounted on a stand to reduce temperature.)
internal canister filter
Caniister Co2 injected through a Ceramic diffuser at the rate of 1BPS
10 hour (split into 2 blocs of 5) photoperiod controlled by a timer
temperature 26.1-27.4 degrees
weekly water change of 10-20%

During photoperiod (tested using sera products)
PH: 6.5
Kh : 4 or 5 (cant really tell)

Dwarf Hairgrass
E. tenelluss
Crypt. Balansae
either MU or MM (cant tell)
LUdwigia Species
Rotala Species

1 mini puffer fish
2 ghost shrimps
B. Borasboras may be added in future

Cheers and happy planting
PIcs linked here

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Looks good so far, although I think you may want to plant more densely to prevent an algae outbreak. The hardscaping isn't too well used. Either take out the random rock and driftwood, or bring in some complementary pieces to bring the layout together.

Please keep us updated and welcome to APC!!


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Thanks alot.

In my local forum, good comments are hard to come by (so far you and another guy so that makes two).

I will wait for 1-2 more weeks before i begin trimming . i will indeed remove that awful rock and driftwood. I have since returfed my glosso lawn due to the awful spotting.

The changes would be to look for R. Indica, R. Macandra and E. Stellata, bring forward the stems and make the V shape more prominent.

thanks alot
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