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My 20 gallon growth

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I started this tank with all plastic stuff but it has evolved to a very peaceful tank. I can sit and watch the fish forever. Let me know what you think. Any suggestions on improvements? I am somewhat new to this so I could use help

How my tank started life

first change
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Quite an improvement over how your tank first started. I like the general layout and the mix of colors. The only thing I find really out of place is that lone stem in the middle back. The bare stem is unsightly and really draw my attention. Perhaps cut it an replant the top, letting the bottom regrow so you have more of them instead of just the one. Other than that it's a nicely done tank.
You have surely come a long way. Looking good.

You might want to use a smaller type of background plant in the center.... of course, it's really about what you like.... :D
That's a lot of growth :D I really adore the left half of the tank especially. I feel like the right half could have a few more plants in it just to even things out. Also, perhaps the others are correct in feeling that the center plant should be trimmed and lowered a little bit. :) But I'd like this if it were to remain as it is as well :D Great job!
I actually have trimmed the plant a couple times since then and it has filled in a little more I just don't have pictures yet. Each Time I time the plant it shoots up three new shoots from the cut so it is starting to look like a little bush. I will post pics when I can get some. Thanks for the comments. I also am thinking about taking the java fern off the right log but l am afraid it might unbalance the tank, any opinions?
I'd like to see how it looks with that stem plant filled in more. A nice bush sounds great for that location.

For the java fern, have you tried attaching it lower down on the wood? I think you need to have something growing there, but the placement could be better. I'm thinking in the base of the crevice (the dark shadow toward the left of the wood in the pic) and allowing it to grow up the wood a bit. Or remove the fern and get a plant to grow behind and somewhat around the wood.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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