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I recently rescaped my 29 gallon and started dosing PPS Pro.

This is before I rescaped.

This tank consists of eco-complete substrate. 55W AH Supply retrofit lighting. Rena XP2 filter. No heater, just room temp (72 to 76).

Fish are: 2 Opaline Gourami, 1 Pearl Gourami, 4 Harlequin Rasbora, 1 brilliant Rasbora.

Plants are: Java Fern, Christmas Moss, Anubias, and a Crypt of some kind.

This is the same tank after the rescape.

I started dosing PPS Pro a week ago.

My levels are as follows:

NO3 - 5
NH3 - 0
NO2 - .1
PO4 - 5
Gh - 40
Kh - 180
Ph 7.9
Chelated Fe - 1

This is the tank today.

Dosing is 3 ml Macro and 3 ml Micro before lights on (unless I forget then its when I get home) and 3 ml Flourish Excel in evening. All dosing is on a daily basis.

Any suggestions, comments helpful.

By the way, the wall behind is Pumpkin color, the tank does have green water.

I will do my 20 gallon long tomorrow.

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well... the plants you listed aren't very fast growing plants to begin with. so it will be some time before you see anything drastic.

as a result, there will be algae. i would suggest adding some fast growing plants. these would help take up the extra nutrients in the water. check the plant finder for fast growing plants, and to see what is available to you at your LFS or online.
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