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my 3 weeks old nano

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25 liters of eleocharis , hemiantus callitrichoides, eusteralis stellata and micranthemum ombrosum.
initialy, this tank is dedicated to the hemiantus callitrichoides and when i will spread out im going to take all the other plants out

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light - 1*24w t5 6500k
co2 - welding reg. +needle valve+ home made defuser
fert - home made
substrate - 100% aquasoil amazonia
ph,kh,gh,no3 - unknown yet. but the plants and fish feels great till now and no algae but green spots on the front glass
Nice start.

What are your aquascaping plans with this little tank, besides letting the H. callitrichoides take over? Wood or rock?

mmmmmmm, i dont know - what do u suggest?
how fast do u think the h.c will spread all over the right area? - the eleochris seems to go over it soon...
Cute little tank :)
I haven't had the pleasure of growing Hemianthus callitrichoides, but I can say that this layout presently lacks focus. I don't feel that the driftwood is really adding anything to the overall presentation.

Either rocks or thin, branchy driftwood would be better. An HC-only layout is one which I would like to see.

You could probably keep one or two other plants, though, as accents. Perhaps a few pillows of Riccia or java moss could add interest in the future layout you are planning in this little tank.

HC grew real slow for me. I would plant as densly as possible. It double mass every 1.5 months. As compared to Rotala Macranda in the same tank who double mass every week almost.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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